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201603010_OCP_Summit_ON_Interop.pptx 47.2 MB last year
EdgecoreOCP2016.pdf 10 MB last year
LinuxNetworking and OCP - v2.pptx 864.6 kB last year
OCP Summit OOM Presentation v1.0.pptx 5.4 MB last year
OCP_2016_Networking_ATT_Torc.pdf 3.7 MB last year
OCP_2016_Networking_Facebook_Part1_Hardware_ZhipingYao.pdf 28.3 MB last year
OCP_2016_Networking_Facebook_Part2_NetworkTesting_HanyMorsy.pdf 10.5 MB last year
OCP_2016_Networking_Facebook_Part3_Software_JasmeetBagga.pdf 23.2 MB last year
OCP_2016_Networking_SKTelecom_jhsuh.pdf 11.8 MB last year
OCP_2016_ONL_Deployment_BMF_v1.0.pdf 24.8 MB last year
OPS-OCPSummit-2016.pptx 406.7 kB last year
SAI-SONiC-OCP-Summit-Mar16-v0.4.pdf 2.1 MB last year
SAI-SONiC-OCP-Summit-Mar16-v0.5.pdf 2.1 MB last year
Shuttleworth OCP Smart Switches 2016.pdf 1018.3 kB last year

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