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Annual Summit January 2014 - OCP Ready (C&I) PDF.pdf 1.6 MB years ago
bigswitch-open_network_linux.pdf 1.6 MB years ago
broadcom-opennsl.pdf 768.5 kB years ago
CI Lead for H12014.pdf 109.4 kB years ago
cumulus-onie.pdf 1.3 MB years ago
Fidelity Open Bridge Rack.pdf 32.8 MB years ago
Interface Masters Presentation at OCP on Jan 29th 130128.pdf 1.6 MB years ago
interface_masters-niagra.pdf 1.6 MB years ago
IPMI over HTTPs for OCP.pdf 797.1 kB years ago
ITRI Cloud Center Overview 20140128.pdf 1.8 MB years ago
ITRI OCP Center Operation update 20140128.pdf 731.2 kB years ago
ITRI OCP Center update 20140128.pdf 579.7 kB years ago
LowLatencyDCCNPhase1_OCP.PDF 1.5 MB years ago
Mike_Yan_Micro Server in Open Vault Storage.pdf 872.1 kB years ago
OCP - Management Firmware Update v0 2 (Draft).pdf 256.7 kB years ago
OCP - Multi-Node Management Glossary ver 0.6.pdf 520.3 kB years ago
OCP 40GbE Mellanox Mezz.pdf 852 kB years ago
OCP Micro-Server Update v1.pdf 2.3 MB years ago
OCP Taiwan 20140128.pdf 788.1 kB years ago
OCP_2014_Cold_Storage_JunLiu_JoshTinker-Final.pdf 1.2 MB years ago
OCP_2014_firware_update_HPM.1.pdf 1.6 MB years ago
OCP_2014_Fusion-io_Nisha_Gary_v0.5b.pdf 1.7 MB years ago
OCP_2014_Infrastructure_Management_Session.pdf 1.3 MB years ago
OCP_2014_JAN eng workshop SM.pdf 3.4 MB years ago
OCP_2014_Manoj Wadekar Rev 0.3.pdf 1.2 MB years ago
OCP_2014_Seagate_Hughes.pdf 2.7 MB years ago
OCP_2014_Type_A_IPMC (1).PDF 1.6 MB years ago
OCP_Mezz_update_2014-0120_revised.pdf 471.2 kB years ago
OCP_MOBO3.0_2014-0126.pdf 678.2 kB years ago
OCP_MS_Blade_OV_Martin Goldstein_Final 1 24 13.pdf 3 MB years ago
OCP_MS_HWSWARCH_Badriddine Khessib FINAL.pdf 2.4 MB years ago
OCP_MS_HW_Mgmt.pdf 2.8 MB years ago
OCP_MS_HW_System_Overview_Mark Shaw (Final).pdf 3.3 MB years ago
OCP_Summit_SJ_ONIE_16x9_final (1).pdf 1.3 MB years ago
OPC 2014 SMR slides v1.0 WD 28 Jan 2014.pdf 1 MB years ago
Open CS 1.0 V1.pdf 726.5 kB years ago
Open Rack family 2014 Jan customer.pdf 3.6 MB years ago
Open_Network_Linux_OCP_2014_eng workshop.pdf 1.6 MB years ago
Power One V1 and V2 OCP 20140120.pdf 823.6 kB years ago

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