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2018-10-01-OCP-Summit-Presentation-DT-OpenGPON-OLT-v1.0-apx-EC-imgs.pdf 518.6 kB last year
Edgecore Contributions to OCPOctober2_2018.pdf 1.7 MB last year
OCPREG18_Antti Romppanen_v1.pdf 184.3 MB last year
OCPREG18_Telco_status.pdf 419.4 kB last year
TELCO-Kirksey-Virtual-Central-Office.pdf 2 MB last year
TELCO_HATANPAA_Open edge ecosystem development.pdf 19.1 MB last year
TELCO_Männikkö Open edge server and chassis.pdf 22.4 MB last year
Telco_Peng_Cell Site Gateway Router.pdf 1.2 MB last year

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