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OCS_Mechanical_120314.zip 64.7 MB years ago
OCS_Open_CloudServer_Blade_v2.0.pdf 2.2 MB years ago
OCS_Open_CloudServer_Chassis_Management_v2.0.pdf 3.1 MB years ago
OCS_Open_CloudServer_Chassis_v2.0.pdf 2.8 MB years ago
OCS_Open_CloudServer_M2_CloudSSD_v2.0.pdf 730.2 kB years ago
OCS_Open_CloudServer_M2_CloudSSD_v2.1.pdf 768.3 kB years ago
OCS_Open_CloudServer_NIC_Mezzanine_v2.0.pdf 876.8 kB years ago
OCS_Open_CloudServer_PowerSupply_Mechv2.0.pdf 468.8 kB years ago
OCS_Open_CloudServer_PowerSupply_v2.0.pdf 971 kB years ago
OCS_Open_CloudServer_Tray_Mezzanine_v2.0.pdf 1.4 MB years ago

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