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48V - Optomized Power Delivery - OCP_2016.pdf 1.9 MB years ago
Mezz2.0 update_OCP_summit2016_v3_final.pdf 2.5 MB years ago
OCP_2016_BigSurWkshp_KLee_MP_v6.pdf 31.2 MB years ago
OCP_2016_BigSurWkshp_KLee_MP__v3.pptx 28.2 MB years ago
OCP_2016_Carmel_20160308.pdf 7.1 MB years ago
OCP_2016_CarrierCard.pdf 11.7 MB years ago
OCP_2016_HPE Engineering Workshop.pdf 1.3 MB years ago
OCP_2016_J.Ehlen_J.Tse_AB_v7.pdf 3.4 MB years ago
OCP_2016_YZhao_AB_v6.pptx 12.6 MB years ago
OCS Overview-2016-03-08.pdf 2.2 MB years ago
QCT- OCP adoption 19_EIA architeture.pdf 2 MB years ago
Rackspace_OCP_Summit_2016_Soft-Hardware--for distribution.pptx 373.1 MB years ago
SmartNIC OCP 2016.pdf 1.9 MB years ago

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