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(Knox) (QT) HGST 8TB SAS 12Gbs HDD HUH728080AL4204(FW_A4FBC7JT) Validati....xlsx 2.8 MB last year 53.7 kB last year
Datasheet - ST7110_web.pdf 1.6 MB last year 28.3 MB last year
ME.rar 225 MB last year 28.5 MB last year
OCP-Contribution-License-Agreement-Final-13-July-2-Open Vault 6G.pdf 213.2 kB last year
OCP ACCEPTED Contribution Checklist - Rev B July2016 - OCP ACCEPTED CHECKLIST_OpenVault 6G.rtf 292.6 kB last year 4.1 MB last year
Readme.txt 4.7 kB last year 3.1 MB last year

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